How Meditating Can Transform Your Life

My background does not encompass much time spent in urban jungles and on the streets, fending for survival. Catholic schools and, eventually, seminary life led to Northwestern University, where I cannot claim to have ever seen a gun. In fact, the only experiences I’d had with weapons were watching my dad – a former Chicago policeman and eventual lead investigator for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office – clean his department issues. Firearms were not his passion. In fact, he only entered the profession as it was, ‘one of the few jobs available’ for black ex-military men during the years separating the wars in Korea and Vietnam.Unfortunately, the succeeding four decades ushered in a dip in African-American cultural standards coinciding with the implementation of government housing in urban areas (which, in turn, led to the ghettoization of black America), falling rates in black achievement and educational levels due to persistent school segregation, a crippling Manifestation Miracle Review crack-cocaine epidemic that played a role in the decline of the black population as a whole, and gun proliferation that equipped gangs with the weapons of their own racial destruction. ‘In every raid I ever led,’ he recently recalled, ‘we confiscated a large amount of knockoff AK-47 and ARX-160 military Manifestation Miracle Book assault rifles.’ While those fortunate enough to have mirrored my own social pedigree are, largely, sheltered from such conditions, they are apparently familiar to those regularly subjected to these harsh realities.

After graduating from the university, I spent a decade in the Hollywood Hills, where drugs and guns are largely ignored in favor of celebrity trials and tribulations. There, dealers own the boulevards and winding hillsides. Theft and robbery were a natural part of the culture, and, in an incident typical of the false notion of ‘to serve and protect,’ when summoning the police to my residence following a break-in attempt by burglars, dispatchers incorrectly Manifestation Miracle Program documented the address and, after two hours, relayed that officers had been, mistakenly, sent to the opposite side of the city. Such disorganization – coupled with a total lack of care regarding the fates and living conditions of minority demographics (displayed in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin incident, where shooter George Zimmerman was arrested a month after the fact and only as a result of media and social pressure) – leads to the conclusion that non-white Americans receive unfair, unequal treatment not just limited to policing or cultural segregation. As former President Dwight Eisenhower stated in response to civil rights, ‘I don’t believe you can change the hearts of men with laws or decisions,’ and therein lies the true issue (News Conference, The American Presidency Project, June 26, 1957.)

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Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes reported, ‘The dangers that guns pose on our streets simply cannot be overstated’ (’11 Indicted, More Than 140 Weapons Seized in Alleged Sting,’ NY1, October 18, 2012.) As much of this activity occurs in black areas, the same victims and their families continue to live in poverty, unemployed with enormous school drop-out rates while relying on such programs as affirmative action and welfare and existing at Manifestation Miracle Heather Mathews the mercy of the nearly all-white corporate establishment which, knowingly and silently, judges job applicants on the basis of race alone (studies have shown higher employment rates for white applicants who submit the exact same résumé for job consideration as their black counterparts) (Bertrand and Mullainathan, ‘Are Emily and Brendan More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination,’ November 18, 2002.)

Even though I, as a top student at all schools I ever attended in my formative years, did not benefit from nor need affirmative action to achieve success, the practice of encouraging groups of impoverished people to solve their own problems and form their own communities without the necessary and proper resources to achieve benefit is a uniquely American folly with roots in the founders’ Democratic-Republican political party and its split into factions during the early years of electoral politics.